March 2013

Alan Koehler —
Dessert should close the meal gently and not in a pyrotechnic blaze of glory.
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photos by gluttonforlife

3.22.13 French Kiss

We have adopted many things from the French, as earthy as their eponymous fries in all their crispy golden glory, and as ethereal as the featherweight macaron, surely one of the world's most refined cookies. The ne plus ultra has always come straight from the motherland courtesy of Ladurée, but of late they've been given a run for their money by some very worthy domestic contenders. So imagine my delight when the kind people at Sucré—a New Orleans confectionary known for artisanal sweets—sent me a box of 15 of their award-winning macarons to sample at my leisure. Bon temps rouler! In my time, I've eaten my fair share of these tiny meringue sandwiches (bonus: they're gluten-free) and I'm pleased to say that these are among the finest. I think you know me well enough to be sure that no amount of free anything could coerce me into false praise. Not only are macarons from Sucré delicious, each one is a visual feast, crafted in a style that can only be referred to as gilding the lily.
Charles de Gaulle —
How can you be expected to govern a country that has 246 kinds of cheese?
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photos by gluttonforlife

3.20.13 Cheese It

Spring has sprung. Out my window, however, winter is still having a party. A thick layer of snow covers any tentative signs of growth, making me doubly glad that we're headed to Antigua. Sun, sand and surf? Yes, please. In the week before I go on vacation, deadlines are piled precariously high and the to-do list stretches to the horizon. But, come Saturday, I will be on that plane. In the meantime, a short but very savory post for you about the glories of making your own cheese powder. Nacho Libre, indeed.
Kojiro Tomita —
It has been said that art is a tryst, for in the joy of it maker and beholder meet.
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illustrations by sasha prood

3.15.13 Drawing Room

Last year I had the great pleasure of working with a supremely talented illustrator, Sasha Prood (represented by my dear friend Stephanie Pesakoff at Illustration Division), who created a custom alphabet and set of numbers for Glutton for Life. When I had the blog redesigned last spring, we included the new alphabet in the "About" section under Glutton A-Z, but that's a bit of a secret so I thought I'd share a few of the illustrations here. I'm featuring the ones most reminiscent of spring, now that the days are getting longer and the earth is waking up. I'm considering screening some of these beautiful drawings on linen kitchen towels and/or burlap tote bags, so do let me know which ones you like best. At the bottom is the full collection, including numbers. Note there are two Ts (so there would be no redundancy in spelling out "glutton") and two Us, because some people were confused by the stack of bowls.
W.C Fields —
I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast.
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photos by gluttonforlife

3.13.13 Smooth the Way

Smoothies have been one of several breakfast options for me for years, but it wasn't until recently that I started to have them every single day. And it has really made a difference. Somehow I am no longer stressing over what to eat in the morning, especially if I'm trying to get out of the house quickly. And I'm not worried about eating "too much," or too much of the wrong thing. I guess this makes me sound neurotic, but it's been life-enhancing so I wanted to share it with you. The smoothie is an opportunity to pack all sorts of nutrition into a drink that is light yet substantial, irresistibly creamy and smooth. We are hard-wired to crave something sweet and, rather than trying to reinforce some Draconian regimen of denial, I like to address that first thing in the morning. So will you, once you start your engines with a scintillating smoothie.
Mack Gordon —
You've gotta eat your spinach, baby!
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photos by gluttonforlife

3.6.13 Spring Cleaning

Spring is on its way. I saw the first chimpunk today, quite frisky after his long winter's nap. Beneath last year's detritus, the mint patch is already stirring greenly, and the first bulbs—snowdrops—have emerged under the river birch in the side yard. Soon we will be tramping into the wet woods in search of vernal pools and the salamanders and frogs that inhabit them. I am dreaming of what we will plant first and itching for morel season. At this time of year I get a serious jones to clean out drawers and closets, reorganize the attic and generally freshen up the place—and myself. Now is the moment to undertake cleanses, juice fasts and detoxes, as you prepare to shed the protective layers of winter and emerge into the sunlight.