10.26.10 Feel Your Oats

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I  love oatmeal (so does Thomas Keller—apparently it's one of his go-to late night suppers!) and frequently make more than I need just so I can have the pleasure of eating these fried oatmeal cakes. It's another way of getting a little variety into that first meal of the day. I think I got the idea from Mark Bittman, but it's not much of a revelation. Hey, you take leftover oatmeal and fry it up in a pan. Still, it has a lovely, chewy texture and makes a great vehicle for all sorts of toppings. Sometimes I'll have it with in the traditional Irish manner, with some buttermilk and brown sugar, others I'll shower it with sea salt and a good dose of Tabasco.

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put your leftover oatmeal into a tupperware, or pat it into a round and wrap it in foil
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after chilling, it plops out in one fairly solid piece
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mix an apple with your oatmeal to aid digestion
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thinner slices cook quickly and get a crispy crust on both sides

Griddled Oatmeal Cakes

serves 4
  • — 1 cup steel-cut oats
  • — Generous pinch sea salt
  • — 1 apple, cored and diced
  • — 1-2 tablespoons butter, coconut oil or olive oil
  • — Possible garnishes Yogurt, jam, maple syrup. chopped nuts, Tabasco, sea salt

In a medium saucepan, bring 4 cups water to a boil. Add oats and salt and stir, then reduce heat to low. Add apple and simmer until thick and creamy, stirring occasionally, about 30 minutes. (At this point, you have breakfast for four. These oats are especially nice served with a little buttermilk or yogurt, topped with a crumble of toasted nuts and a drizzle of maple syrup.)

Or, you have breakfast for two, and leftovers to eat the next day or later in the week. After cooling slightly, simply place all or some of the cooked oats into a tupperware or dish. Refrigerate up to 5 days.

Remove the cold, solid oatmeal from the fridge and tip it out onto a cutting board. It should come out with a satisfying plop. Slice it into rounds, squares or any shape you please, about 1/2" thick.

Heat a heavy skillet and add butter, coconut oil or olive oil. When it's hot, fry the oatmeal slices on both sides until golden and crispy. Serve at once with toppings of your choice, either sweet or savory.

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I like this a lot. In this house of Oatmeal Everyday, I'll definitely give it a try.
Lisa on October 26, 2010 at 8:28 pm —
That sounds delicious! Must try that. Oatmeal is one of the few things I can cook!
Tanya on October 29, 2010 at 10:35 am —