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12.19.11 Musical Selections

I'm a wee bit pressed for time, having slated today for making two more batches of caramels for my loyal readers. G and I just returned from the city and a round of Christmas parties, and it's already 3pm and things are barely getting going. And then I remembered my promise: the holiday soundtrack. I have all my picks lined up and ready for you. So without further ado (except to say that I am still and always enthralled by the pieces I recommended last year), here are my musical selections for Christmas 2011. (Chanukkah music is, sadly, not my forte.)A Very She & Him Christmas - This hipster collaboration features the successful though somewhat unlikely pairing of country-folk artist M. Ward and wide-eyed faux naif actress Zooey Deschanel (seen above in an ironically fabulous pose). Highlights: their renditions of Silver Bells and Baby It’s Cold Outside.
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