7.27.12 Weekend Update: Hot Links

Inside men 10 790 xxx
unarmed and dangerous
Breaking Bad is back with a vengeance, and we're still making our way through the original Swedish Wallander, but we also stumbled across Inside Men, a new BBC One series that I submit for your viewing pleasure. It's really quite gripping. It's about a brutal armed robbery that takes place at a secure money counting house, the events that lead up to it and the aftermath. I especially love the performance of Steven Mackintosh as the milquetoast manager who finds his inner bad-ass. I confess that after these grueling days spent sweltering at my desk, in the garden and in the kitchen, I like nothing better than stretching out on my Society linen sheets, popping open a bottled Americano and being amused. No more reading, no more surfing, no more writing, no more cooking—but certainly not mindless entertainment, no chick flicks or idle fluff for me. I like something truly engaging, full of believable characters and smart dialogue. Don't you? Here are some more worthy distractions for you...
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man with a plan
A dear reader turned me onto episodes of the UK River Cottage TV series, featuring the wonderful Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, available for online viewing. Maybe start with this one, all about summer vegetables.

This fascinating article really piqued my interest in traveling to the wilds of Alaska.

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gimme some skin
Make the most of your plums with this fluorescent sauce.

I'm so excited to visit La Marqueta in Harlem, especially with the new addition of this great business.

Join me in subscribing to this new magazine.

Treat yourself to something beautifully handcrafted from here.

Consider taking one of these on your next trip.

Swallow these 10 tips for making your cooking a whole lot better.

Make this salad, or just drool over the photos.

Start here on your endless Etsy rabbithole...

Consider this for your patio (or charmingly bohemian livingroom).

Do something with all that amazing garlic flooding the farmers markets.

...even if it requires buying one of these.

Sign up for this event in September and I'll see you there!

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Have a beautiful weekend! xo