1.25.12 Fine Prints

Bella 790 xxx
photos courtesy of stampa
It's pretty fascinating how the internet has opened up so many avenues of opportunity for art and commerce—sometimes separately, sometimes together. There are jillions of blogs and online stores and social networks of every stripe. And now, there is a fantastic source for affordably priced art from the roster of talented illustrators represented by my dear friend Stephanie Pesakoff. Stampa, which just launched last week (as per this mention in the Times), offers limited series of prints, with 4 artists at a time each selling their exclusive work for 4 weeks only. Once the edition is closed, Stampa will never offer the same art work again. A new series is added every week, so there's always something to discover. (There are actually 5 artists available currently, but that will change to a permanent format of 4.)
Sp 790 xxx
drawn to illustrators
Stephanie founded Art Department's Illustration Division 16 years ago, and has fostered many successful careers and high-profile collaborations since then. She has impeccable taste, as you will see not only by the art for sale but by her beautifully designed site (full disclosure: it was created by Studio Lin, who also did mine). With Stampa, she invites you to "curate your space." (OK, I wrote that tagline for her new venture.)
Bf blooms 790 xxx
coming to life
This week, the site launched the colorful work of Bella Foster, a Los Angeles-based artist whose interiors and still lifes have an air of Matisse about them. Be sure to check out the profiles for each artist, which include a questionnaire that's a little window into their personal quirks and fetishes.
Singh beetles 790 xxx
of thee i singh
Also up on the site at this moment are Sara Singh's gracefully precise watercolors and ink drawings. I especially covet these beetles, the hummingbirds and the flies.
Arnold dogs 790 xxx
canine unit
Alli Arnold's whimsical and wonderfully humorous critters and characters are full of joy. You may recognize her work from projects with Tiffany and Kate Spade.
Sirichai dancers 790 xxx
poetry in motion
Sirichai's strikingly simple geometrics in bold color combinations are so compelling. There's a voluptuous apple on an acid green background that is electrifying and the dancers, above, are amazingly kinetic.
Lundberg 790 xxx
on top of the world
Bo Lundberg's striking colors and original style—informed from his work as a graphic designer—are in much demand from both editorial and corporate clients.The artists that Stephanie represents create imagery that is very diverse but consistently brilliant. At the most basic level it's ideal for enlivening your home and office. But it's also a great opportunity to start a collection of beautiful exclusive pieces. And it's art: transporting, inspiring, uplifting.Stampa's prints are made digitally, using archival inks and substrates, and each is hand-embossed with the company's gorgeous logo. The prints are available unframed or framed by expert framers in New York City using 100% archival materials. To join Stampa's online community, you can register here. Go ahead, curate your space.


Exquisite collaboration.
anne on January 25, 2012 at 4:09 am —
ah, me and how the world revolves around same! you posted this because one of Alli Arnold's prints features a chicken enjoying her bath, right?? very much enjoyed this little feast for the eyes, thank you.
janet on January 25, 2012 at 7:00 am —
I have a bella fosta print I purchased on etsy last year, and it is truly remarkable how much it looks like a real watercolor. an amazing way to get real art in your home affordably, and support artists while doing so. I applaude theis venture wholeheartdly.
allison williams on January 25, 2012 at 7:58 am —