7.1.11 Festivities

Pea soup 790 xxx
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We're expecting 60 people at our house for pulled pork on the 4th and I am up to my eyeballs in chores! The bustle around here is impressive. And guess what—THE BATHROOM IS FINALLY DONE!!!!! I even had a new shower curtain made from one of those antique batiks I got in Indonesia. I promise to post pictures very soon. Anyway, all this to say that I'm much too busy to be writing here, but I couldn't resist sharing a few snaps I took at a lovely party the other night. Cooking for such a crowd gives me renewed respect for caterers. How do they manage to keep doing it night after night, for people they don't even love? I imagine they work like dogs. This party we went to, a 50th birthday celebration for a dear friend of many years, was intimate and beautifully orchestrated. It didn't hurt that it was being thrown by hosts of impeccable taste and sophistication, in the most beautifully appointed pale-grey apartment. Would it surprise you to know the owner is one of the pivotal geniuses behind the Martha Stewart brand? And the other host is the co-author of this gorgeous tome. Every detail was perfection, including the artful nibbles by Gaylinn Fast
Tuna tartare 790 xxx
jewel-like cubes of tuna tartare
Highlights included shot glasses of chilled sweet pea soup; shrimp wrapped in prosciutto; grapes rolled in goat cheese and pistachios; parmesan crisps topped with a dollop of white bean puree; and the most sinful little croque monsieurs made with multiple cheeses and crème fraîche. Tuna tartare was served on large chilled spoons. It's a presentation I normally don't care for but the server had a little bowl for you to drop your spoon into right away, so it worked out fine. I once went to a birthday party for Donald Trump in Atlantic City (don't ask) and bites of dessert were served on little spoons laid out by the hundreds on an enormous mirror-topped table. You approached, helped yourself to a bite of tirami sù, and then were left standing there with the spoon in your hand. The only option was to put it back on the mirrored table, where it lay there with your teeth marks outlined in cream. Almost as tacky as the white leather bustier dress Marla Maples was wearing.
Egg jar 790 xxx
the apartment was full of wonderful places to rest your eyes
I was too shy to go around taking pictures of everything, but I just had to get a shot of this wonderful centerpiece filled with such an incredible assortment of hollowed-out eggs in all colors and sizes.
Detail 790 xxx
without ostentation, every detail was carefully curated
The rosé flowed, as did the laughter. I only hope that our own gathering coming up can be pulled together with such grace, precision and warmth.
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