4.26.10 The Anti-Soda

Maple seltzer 790 xxx
Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Company, a small family-run business, has come out with its own unique soda that contains neither water nor sugar. Vermont Maple Seltzer is made from pure maple sap that is gently carbonated! They also make a sweeter, more mapley soda and some other fruit flavors, but it's really all about the Maple Seltzer. It's lightly sweet, with a barely perceptible hint of maple, and quite refreshing. Even my friend Matthew, who swears by his Coke, was rather intrigued. It's got about a third of the calories of that corporate cola and, with just 8 grams of natural sugar, has none of the high fructose corn syrup. I ordered a couple of cases online (the link is above) and they were just delivered today. I plan to keep icy cold bottles in the fridge all summer long. (I'm imagining some excellent bourbon cocktails topped off with this as well...)