11.3.09 Creature Feature: Titi

Titi 790 xxx
photo by george billard
I suppose the more classic image is of children playing in the piles of leaves. But Titi took an altogether different approach, finding these heaps of crispy birch and maple and dogwood leaves to be ideal for an afternoon nap. As we raked and sweated in the glorious fall sunshine, she snoozed happily, her brindle coat the perfect compliment to the hues of russet and brown.I always imagined that I would have children, but life's mysterious ways took me down another path. I have this little fur bundle of joy to bring me a a different sort of love and, in the 10 years since she thrust her paw at me through the bars of her cage at the Santa Monica pound, together we have experienced sorrow and loss, transcendence and triumph. She loves her new life upstate, showing her true colors as an invaluable mouser and fireside companion.
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