8.3.09 Green Juice

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I get a little overheated when I start proselytizing about green juice. (Sorry about the blurry photo, I'm still trying to figure all this out/coerce G into shooting for me.) I owe my conversion to Sally Kravich, an amazing nutritionist who practices in both L.A. and New York. Her book, "Vibrant Living" has set a lot of people on the path to radiant health. (It was my great friend and longtime hairstylist, Sarah Mills, who turned me on to Sally but she's a whole other story.) Among other things, Sally uses iridology to help with her assessment of your health, and it freaks me out every time. How can she look at my pupil and know that my neck hurts??
Anyway, Sally taught me the difference between acid and alkaline foods (basically protein and starch versus fruits and vegetables) and how to use juicing and supplements to boost my energy, address symptoms of perimenopause and support my skin and hair. (OK, I admit it, I have often approached health and nutrition through the vanity doorway!) Sally introduced me to the wonders of green juice and I have never looked back. When you drink freshly made vegetable and fruit juices, you are ingesting vital, energizing food. It will replenish your minerals, alkalize your body, help your digestion/bowels, flush out toxins and bring elasticity to your skin. Drink it in the morning, drink it in the afternoon, just drink it. I am not talking about Jamba Juice, that frozen sugary slush masquerading as something good for you: this is the real thing you make yourself (or teach your husband to make).I bought my first juicer about 10 years ago. For the last 5 years, I've used this Breville model, which is a bit of an investment at around $250 but so worth it given the many deeply personal benefits. If you think juicing is too much of a hassle, just think how much of a hassle it will be to drag around your saggy, constipated, sorry, haggard ass for the rest of your life...

Green Juice

The operative word is GREEN so don't think you can load it up with a bunch of carrots and pears and still reap the benefits...
  • — 1 bunch celery
  • — 1 pear
  • — 1 beet (unless your husband hates them)
  • — 1 cucumber
  • — 1 bulb fennel
  • — 1 bunch watercress
  • — 1 handful dandelion greens
  • — 1 handful spinach
  • — 8 leaves of chard
  • — 8 leaves of kale
  • — 1 green apple
  • — 1 bunch of parsley
  • — 1 carrot
  • — 1/2 lemon, peel & pith removed
  • — 1-2 knobs ginger (to taste)

Use at least 3-4 different fruits and vegetables from the list above. Don't peel anything (except the lemon), just rinse it all off, whizz it through your juicer and drink it right down! Serve with a chopstick, straw or long spoon, as juice will separate and needs stirring.

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