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2.17.10 Interiors

Have you ever seen Woody Allen's movie by that name? It's among my favorites of his (along with Crimes & Misdemeanors, Hannah & Her Sisters and Annie Hall) and is sort of an ode to Ingmar Bergman. Geraldine Page is absolutely brilliant as a neurotic/depressive/perfectionist interior designer. Perhaps I could use her help in the upcoming remodel of our bathroom. It's simply got to be done. The toilet is literally sinking into the floor. We updated this tiny room in our snug cottage (circa 1935) when we first moved in 5 years ago, adding some grey paint (the same Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain that is featured throughout the house), a burlap shower curtain and a few simple, decorative touches—striped Turkish towels, a large Mexican ceramic owl, a couple of small paintings. I also feel the lack of a bathtub keenly since we no longer have our place in the city. So we’re resolved to make some changes, even though I can’t imagine how we’re going to “make do” with our bathroom out of commission. I’m pondering the idea of adding some color, even though the room is small, because the rest of the house is mostly quite neutral.
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