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dark muscovado, demerara and jaggery         photo by george billard

2.14.10 Sweet On You

I must confess, I have something of a sweet tooth. I can remember giggling over a box of See's candies with my (diabetic!) grandfather as we stuffed our mouths with chocolate. But I now know sugar is not really good for me. It causes inflammation which I experience as joint aches, and it makes my skin break out. Why? Refined sugar raises the insulin level in your blood and this depresses the immune system. This, in turn, compromises your ability to fight disease. It can cause weight gain since insulin promotes the storage of fat. Refined sugar contains no vitamins or minerals so in order for it to be metabolized it draws on the body's reserve of vitamins and minerals. When these reserves are depleted, metabolization of cholesterol and fatty acid is impeded, contributing to higher LDLs (harmful cholesterol) and promoting obesity due to higher fatty acid storage around the organs. Sugar consumption is also associated with copper deficiency, periodontal disease, diabetes, coronary heart disease, pathological changes to the liver and pancreas, hormonal imbalance, fluid retention, headaches, and on and on. Do you need more reasons to decrease your sugar intake? I’m not telling you to never again enjoy something sweet, but to consider eradicating white sugar in favor of these healthier options. These, too, should be eaten in moderation (yes, that again!)...
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