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photos by george billard

4.23.10 How Does Your Garden Grow?

I wanted to give you a quick gander at what's happening in our garden, before things really start taking shape. That way you'll get the whole before/after perspective. We're making some changes, putting in several meandering stone paths, a meadow in the front, maybe even a shade garden in back, and a new raised bed for more vegetables. G got it together to plant this winter rye in our existing raised beds, sometime in early December I think, and as the weather warmed he plowed it under. It's a cover crop, sometimes called "green compost" because it feeds and enriches the soil. I'm getting excited thinking about what to plant—kale, lovage, cucumbers, lettuces, carrots. And more medicinal herbs; my bee balm and hyssop and lady's mantle are all coming back, and even the lavender made it through the winter. G will be babying his tomatoes again, I'm sure, and praying that last year's horrendous blight won't be returning. Any ideas from you, gentle reader, on what we should sow?
Raisedbed 790 xxx

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