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photo by george billard

6.11.10 Skin Alive

A friend sent in a request for me to write something about my skincare regimen, so here goes. I've never denied that vanity has often been the impetus for me seeking out healthier alternatives in all things—the fact that they are actually more effective and make you feel better turns out to be a real bonus. I've posted a picture of myself so you can see that I have my fair share of wrinkles. (Full disclosure: It's been 9 months since I stopped getting the Botox injections that were first offered to me 10 years ago at my dermatologist's office in Los Angeles. Doctor: You have a little crease between your eyes. Have you thought about Botox? Me: Never heard of it—give it to me!! ) I'm pushing 50 and I have the usual issues with my face: sagging upper eyelids, enlarging pores, loss of elasticity and those little brown spots that seem to crop up overnight. This is what the cosmetics industry refers to as "mature skin." I have wrestled with the idea of getting my eyes done, and I still maintain that if I ever get a big turkey wattle, I will have it removed, but I don't want to struggle to look young. I want to be my truest, most authentic self, and feel good about it. (I'm even experimenting with letting my hair go grey, after coloring it every 3 weeks for years and years. It's going to be a rough transition, so wish me luck!)
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