7.13.12 Lovely Bouquet

Bouquet 790 xxx
photos by gluttonforlife
A quick turn around the garden at this time of year yields an impressive diversity of flowers. Most of them are rather humble natives, medicinals or even volunteers, but they are no less colorful or beautiful than the showier annuals. I love to have cut flowers in my home. I find it very uplifting, especially when we have grown them ourselves. I often add ferns for a bit of greenery, perhaps a sprig or two of mint, and I always include a few stems from my beloved scented geraniums. A bouquet like this is a tonic to the eye and a feast for the senses. Place one by your bed and see if your dreams aren't sweeter.
Borage 790 xxx
forage for borage
Borage is a big sprawling plants—actually an herb—with hairy stems and these adorable star-shaped flowers. It's all edible and is packed with healthy fatty acids. Sprinkle the leaves and flowers in salads.
Poppy 790 xxx
wild poppy
Honeysuckle 790 xxx
red honeysuckle: hummingbird magnet
Pincushion 790 xxx
the cheerful pincushion
Bee balm 790 xxx
it's the balm
Bee balm is in the mint family and is quite hardy. Deer won't eat it and it shoots up long stalks that are eventually topped with what look a bit like crazy African headdresses. And the bees do flock to it.
Nasturtium 790 xxx
We plant lots of nasturtiums, including in our vegetable garden where they help protect plants from predatory insects. The flowers are edible and have a light peppery flavor that becomes much more pronounced in the little seed buds they produce. You can pickle these and use them as you would capers.
Rose rose 790 xxx
rose is a rose
Native roses don't have much scent but they bloom prolifically and have a romantic old-fashioned look.
White rose 790 xxx
they're also beautiful in white
Snapdragon 790 xxx
snapdragons have been a favorite of mine since childhood
Yarrow 790 xxx
Yarrow is a medicinal herb that grows like a weed all over the garden. It is known for its astringent effect and is good for treating inflammation, as well as staunching wounds. (Great for when you stab yourself with the clippers.) Its broad flower head is made up of lots of tiny flowers.
Pansy 790 xxx
blue velvet
These pansies, known as Johny Jump Ups, are favorite rabbit fodder but some do manage to survive. I love their deep almost-black color and soft, soft petals. 

Do men secretly love flowers as much as women do? How could they not?


Of all the flowers I was glad to see that as an herb borage is one I ingest daily as part of my regime. I'll keep that picture with me as I take that ugly pill. Beautiful, colorful delight for me on an early morning. Thanks.
Vivian on July 15, 2012 at 11:28 am —
Best season for cutting garden, in recent memory. Lovely coverage.
Roy on July 30, 2012 at 7:15 am —