4.19.11 Flora & Fauna

Green lizard 790 xxx
photos by gluttonforlife
This beautiful green chameleon is the first creature I captured with my new camera, a present from G who is leaving Antigua early today to shoot a job in the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Although my new toy hardly makes up for losing my better half for a couple of weeks, it will prove a welcome distraction. The food here is not much to write home about, though we did enjoy dinner on the beach last night, including a delicious chowder made with local shrimp, lobster, clams and fish. Earlier in the day we'd seen a haul of a couple of big, square-headed, glistening yellow mahi mahi, but there was none of the simple and fresh ceviche you might hope for. Still, I can't complain, when the days consist of sunning, napping, reading, hammocking and sipping piña coladas. (Note to self: must perfect this drink at home this summer without that noxious, soapy Coco Lopez). And the nights consist of family dinners, rum-&-tonics with extra lime, moon-gazing, more reading and the beautiful music of tree frogs.
The vegetation on this island is stunning. Recent rains have left it especially lush and green, with many fragrant flowers in bloom. The songbirds are also incredible, filling the air with their melodious chatter all day long.
Banana flower 790 xxx
i've actually eaten a banana flower like this in a delicious salad in laos
Banana bunch 790 xxx
all manner of palms abound, including date and banana
Bananas 790 xxx
yes, we have some bananas
Bougainvillea 790 xxx
the colorful bougainvillea reminds me of my native California
Hibiscus 790 xxx
fresh hibiscus blooms are placed about our hotel room
Oleander 790 xxx
oleander and sea grapes line the sandy walkways to the beach

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Sounds very chilled, sounds brilliant. Love a bit of moon watching.
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