10.11.10 Happy Trails

Fall lake 790 xxx
photos by george billard
Such gorgeous weather this weekend, perfect for a walk in the woods. The wild turkey and deer abound; half a dozen turtles are sunning themselves on an old log in the lake; and the musical cackle of migrating geese fills the air. Even if you don't live in the country, I hope these photos inspire you to drive to a nearby forest or visit your local park to take in a few of the sights and sounds of this glorious season.
Ferns 790 xxx
Snake 790 xxx
a snake basks in the late afternoon sun
Wasp nest 790 xxx
wasps were crawling in and around this bit of nest
Mud dauber nest 790 xxx
nearby was this mud dauber nest resembling a pipe organ
Mud dauber1 790 xxx
mud daubers like to feast on orb weavers like the one below
Orb weaver 790 xxx
this one is slightly different from the one we saw on our house last fall
Witch hazel 790 xxx
witch hazel's spindly yellow blossoms are often the last spot of color visible in the woods
Mushroom 790 xxx
this puffball is one of many mushrooms that pop up after the rain
Fungus 790 xxx
i need to get better at identifying these fungi
Milkweed pod 790 xxx
this is a milkweed pod on its way to drying out
Milkweed 790 xxx
when they burst open, the seeds fly away on a mass of incredibly silky floss
Cattail 790 xxx
breaking open a cattail reveals another kind of soft fluff
Cattail fluff 790 xxx
it instantly expands into a mass of ethereal flyaway seeds
Fall leaves 790 xxx
so much beauty, such intense and fleeting colors