4.22.10 Two With Nature

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photos by george billard
Today is Earth Day. I remember the first one, back in 1970. We planted trees at Delaveaga Elementary School. Mock plum, if I'm not mistaken; something with lots of pink blossoms. Do you feel at home in the great outdoors or, like Woody Allen, are you "two with nature"? If you don't live in the country, I encourage you to head out to the biggest park you can find and take a walk, or just sit for a while. Open your senses and take in the beauty. In this consumer society, we are continually made to feel as though we (and our fat thighs, stringy hair, deficient pecs and shabby clothes) are the center of the universe. The opportunity to see where we actually fit in—our place in relation to the vastness of the ocean and sky—is truly invaluable. Show this to your children (live, not on TV).
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As Al Gore said to me today (in his email for repower.org): "Our planet has existed for billions of years and will continue to exist, no matter how much oil and coal we burn, no matter how much carbon pollution we dump into our atmosphere. It's the survival of human civilization as we know it that's uncertain." The challenge of this century will be to reduce human consumption of fossil fuels. No political bullshit can change that simple fact. Want to know something you can do today, right now? Call your Senator at 877-557-3759 and tell him or her to support comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation. Once you're done, click here to report it.
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Nature is so beautiful and so cruel. It deserves our love, sometimes our fear but above all, our respect. I've gone all earth mama on you now...
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Thanks for this post, we need all the earth mamas we can get!
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beautiful post.
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