1.4.10 Deer Me

Kissbracelet 790 xxx
photo by george billard
I've always been attracted to the natural world. To my eye, nature's designs are the most poetic and intriguing. My home is full of things made from natural materials, especially wood, cork, rattan, slate, shell and clay. We also have a little cabinet of curios to house all our special finds: a wild turkey feather, a locust carcass, a tiny and perfect bird's nest, a piece of tortoise shell. So you can imagine how I go crazy when I'm in Ted Muehling's shop on Howard Street. The place is gorgeously curated in a very simple way. I love everything from the worn shearling on a chair to the "not for sale" found objects you would kill to have. Aside from his own jewelry, the porcelain pieces he has designed for Nymphemburg and his glass for Steuben, Ted showcases other designers' work. Among them is Gabriella Kiss, a sculptor who studied at Pratt and became Ted's apprentice. Her delicate, figurative jewelry is inspired by flora and fauna and often has a slightly scientific quality. I was thrilled to open a familiar little box on Christmas morning to discover this gorgeous bracelet in the shape of deer antlers. When I'm not wearing it, I'll just leave it out to enjoy it for the beautiful piece of sculpture it is.