6.1.12 Hot Links: Surf's Up

Avedon 790 xxx
photo by richard avedon
Hopefully, you've got a fun weekend planned. (Actually, I just wanted to use "hopefully" in a sentence, now that it has been accepted by the AP Stylebook as meaning something other than "in a hopeful manner." Get clued in here, or skip it and read on about less pedantic matters.) I'm looking forward to playing in the dirt aka gardening, reorganizing the attic, making a cork bulletin board for my office wall, working on my novel and maybe, if time allows, dyeing some clothes with my new indigo kit. Oh, and foraging for some more mushrooms! To see my recent haul—as delicious as they were unexpected—visit my Facebook page and, while you're at it, consider doing me the great favor of clicking the Like button. Now, you're probably wondering about how that photograph up top figures into all this...
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